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About Us

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Discover the Paragon Supply Company Inc. team difference.

30 years of: 

  • Professional Experience & Technical Knowledge
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Continued Product Training    

Whether your business (or your project) is big or small; we know you have unique needs.Rely on the team at PSC to help you find the tools & other products you need for each project.                                                                                                                                             

                   More than a customer 

You need problem solvers--you require a trusted resource.

Maybe it's a special tool or something created for a job; we'll connect you with someone or collaborate with them on your behalf to complete the job.

We value our relationship with you and want to help you reach your goals.        

Our Goal

You're continually seeking ways to improve your business and increase your profits without diminishing quality.

Our goal is to supply you with:

  • Choices
  • Answers
  • Responsive & Quick Assistance
  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Satisfaction 

You're our focus. So, we treat you the way we want to be treated.

                                                    A valued part of our success!
Terry Wall | Norm Wall | Paragon Supply company info A Little History

1990-2020  Celebrating 30 years of Outstanding Service

Paragon Supply Company Inc., is a family-owned business that is growing to better meet our customers' needs. Terry Wall and his father, Norm, started Paragon on April 1, 1990 when they recognized a need. Believing they could provide products that were lacking in the region along with better customer service they began working with businesses in Lorain County Ohio. Neither had experience in industrial sales or distribution, although both had extensive experience in manufacturing. Preceding Paragon, Terry held various positions in a machine shop and a CNC shop. Norm was a manufacturing engineer for over 30 years before he retired in 1994. In the early days, they were a supplier of Brown and Sharpe repair parts but under Terry's direction, Paragon's concentration grew to include the highest quality cutting tools, abrasives, safety & industrial supplies for the metalworking industry. However, Northeast Ohio has a varied industrial base that ranges from traditional manufacturing such as automotive to more advanced areas such as biomedical devices. Paragon's products & services continue to grow to meet those needs; products now include safety equipment & supplies as well as material handling & storage. We’re now a more diverse industrial supplier successfully partnering with manufacturers, machine and job shops, as well as individuals throughout the United States.
Offering a variety of items & trusted brands including:     Haimer sales, where to buy Haimer tools Paragon Supply Company Inc.  Iscar tools, where to buy Iscar Paragon Supply Company Inc.   Micro 100 | Buy Micro 100 tools & tool bits at Paragon Supply Company Inc.   Allied Machine & Engineering | Buy at Paragon Supply Company Inc.   Fullerton | where to buy fullerton tools, end mills  Paragon Supply Company Inc. MA Ford | cutting tools TuffCut Paragon Supply Company Inc. Sumitomo | where to buy cutting tools Paragon Supply Company Inc. Tool Flo | Where to buy Paragon Supply Company Inc. Boss Gloves | Buy work gloves Paragon Supply Company Inc. Nachi Cutting Tools | Buy drills, endmills and taps Paragon Supply Company Inc. Harvey Tools | Buy Harvey Tools at Paragon Supply CompanyStandard Abrasives | Paragon Supply Company Inc.

Note Worthy

Looking for something special? Paragon is your project or application resource.

Do you want to streamline the supply chain process? Paragon offers vendor managed inventory services, vending solutions, commodity management and consignment agreements.                                                                                  FREE Paragon Supply Company truck delivery is available for businesses located within Lorain County, Ohio.                                                                                                  
Our Guarantee:
Quality products and personalized customer service.                                                                                     Providing a great customer experience; that's what makes your day better and makes it easy to do business with us. It's also why everyone enjoys coming to work. We have fun; it's what makes the day even better: we do daily sports trivia, the radio isn’t just background noise--it’s a point of debate, and the lively banter--is like family.  

Excellent Growth Award- Guhring Distributor, Where to buy Guhring Paragon Supply Company Inc.

Triple Crown Gold Award-  Regal Tool Distributor, where to buy Regal taps Paragon Supply Company Inc


Our Missing Piece Paragon Supply Company Inc.

Paragon Supply Company Inc. is an industrial supply distributor which maintains a large inventory in Northeast Ohio and ships from multiple warehouses throughout the USA to
help customers streamline their supply chain
so they can focus on reaching higher
production and lowering costs.

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